1920 - Nadir Afonso Rodrigues was born in Chaves on December 4, son of Arthur and Maria Palmira Rodrigues Afonso.
1924 - Painted with red paint a perfect circle on the wall of the house.
1934 - First works in oil
1947 - Le Corbusier gives you the morning to paint without the cash salary. Start your Baroque. She served for a time the atelier of Fernand Léger.
1948 - Defends thesis in Porto - "Architecture is an Art" - with a project executed in Paris under the guidance of Le Corbusier. Start the Egyptian period.
1949 - Works in Normandy in the reconstruction of cities destroyed by war. Egyptian period. Exhibition Gallery at Fantasy Harbour
1950 - Returns to collaborate with Le Corbusier.
1951 - Goes to Brazil, where he begins collaboration with Oscar Niemeyer in the project including the IV Centenary of the City of St. Paul.
1954 - Returns to Paris where he resumes contact with the artists in demand driven and develop their kinetic studies what he calls 'Espacillimité'. Intersperses periods of work in architecture with periods devoted exclusively to painting.
1956 - Exhibition at the Galerie Denise Rene, Paris. Aesthetic research at the University of Paris.
1957 - Exhibition at the Galerie Denise Rene, Paris.
1938 - At age 17, wins 2nd prize of 'What is the most beautiful stretch of the Portuguese landscape? ". Enrolls in Architecture at the School of Fine Arts in Oporto.
1940 - Held the first shows as a student of the School of Fine Arts by participating in all exposures of the Group of Independent until 1946.
1943 - The phenomenon of light that always shows up in love and writes the first studies.
1944 - The participation in the 9th Exhibition of Modern Art in Lisbon (SNI) excites criticism. Surrealist period.
1945 - Participates in mission Spa in Evora under the guidance of Master Dordio Gomes. With only 24 years old, the book "The Riverside" Nadir Afonso enters the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lisbon. Period IRIS
1946 - Party in Paris. Enrolled at Ecoles des Beaux-arts in Paris. Through Portinari, gets a scholarship from the French government. Begins his collaboration with Le Corbusier.
1958 - Exhibition at Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris. Publishes "La sensibilité Plastique ', Presses du Temps Présent, Paris.
1959 - Exhibition at the Maison des Beaux-arts, Paris. Exhibition Gallery Disclosure, Porto. Performs Candilis plans to Bagnols-sur-Ceze, town center-related atomic Marcoule and Balata in Martinique.
1961 - Works in Architecture in Chaves Coimbra. Exhibition at SNI, Lisbon.
1963 - Exhibition at the School of Fine Arts in Oporto. Representing Portugal at the Bienal de S. Paul.
1965 - To Candilis realize the plan of Agadir. Nadir Afonso abandons the Architecture and aware of their social maladjustment and its difficulty of integration in the Portuguese art is hiding a little bit high isolation to devote entirely to the creation of his work.
1966 - Exhibition at the Cooperative Tree in Porto.
1967 - National Prize for Painting.
1968 - Exhibition in Lisbon SNI. Fellow of the Gulbenkian Foundation in Paris. Fernando Guedes publishes' Nadir Afonso. " Word, Lisbon.
1969 - Amadeo Souza-Cardoso Award. Representing Portugal at the Bienal de S. Paul.
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