1969 - Solo Exhibition at Vagão Gallery, Porto
1971 - Solo Exhibition at Buchholz Gallery, Lisbon
1972/73 - Works and prepares an exhibition for Alvarez Gallery, Porto
1973 - Collective Exhibition, Amadis Gallery, Madrid
1974 - Pictorial murals related with 25th April
1978 - Collective Exhibition "Jeune Peinture Portugaise", Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Paris
Performance at Vila Nova de Cerveira Biennial
Collective "Portuguese Modern Art", Kunsthall, Lund, Sweden
Exhibition in memory of her father, National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon
1980 - Solo Exhibition, Gallery Dois, Porto
Cerveira Biennial and creation of the performative group "Diaspositivos"
1981 - Solo Exhibition, Gallery of the Portuguese Embassy at Brasília, Brasil
1982 - Solo Exhibition, Quadrum Gallery, Lisbon
1986 - Collective Exhibition "Iberic Exhibition of the Modern art", Campo Maior
4th Vila Nova de Cerveiras Bieenial as invited artist
Collective "3rd exhibition of Visual Arts", Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon
1987 - Artistic residence in Paris with a grant from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
"L'artist du Mois", Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Paris
1988 - Collective Exhibition "Art Portugaise", Palais de l'Europe, Strasbourg
Collective Exhibition "100 Years of portuguese Painting/, Gallery from the Loyal Senate, Macau
Solo Exhibition, Quadrum Gallery, Lisbon
Solo Exhibition, Caixa Geral de Depósitos Gallery, Paris
Solo Exhibition, Pascal Polar Gallery, Brussels
1989 - Exhibition celebrating the artist 20 years of career, Nasoni Gallery, Porto
Solo Exhibition, Triângulo 48 Gallery, Lisbon
1990 - Collective Exhibition "Second Art Exhibition of Banco Fomento Exterior", Luanda, Angola
5th Lagos Biennial, Algarve, Portugal
1991 - Exhibition at the garden Room in Orient Foundation, Macau
Collective Exhibition "Portugal L'Avenir Plus", Brussels
Collective Exhibition "7 Portuguese Artists at the Dutch collections", Museum Louvain-la-Neuve, Brussels
1992 - Retrospective exhibition of her work at the Water Museum, Lisbon
Launch of book "Gracinda Candeias - painting the skin"
Participates, invited by the Angola Embassy, at the Expo'902, Sevilla, Spain
1993/94 - Firt Public Work - design a screen to work at the Military College of Metro station
1994 - Invited to do tile murals for the Metro station 'Martim Moniz', Lisbon
Exhibition/Installation "At Orient of the Orient", Water Museum, Lisbon
1995 - Exhibition/Installation "Transparencies - Memories from Macau", Missão de Macau Gallery, Lisbon
1996 - 3rd International Symposium "JUNCTION - Art at the Public Transports", Belém Cultural Center, Lisbon
Exhibition/Installation "Queen Nzinga and the Costume", Praia Cultural Center, Cape Green
1997 - Installation "At Fernando Pessoa's Bedroom", Fernando Pessoa House, Lisbon
2001 - Collective Exhibition "Metro in Europe/ Pasiger Fabrik", Munique, Germany
2002 - Solo Exhibition "Felinos e galináceos", Galley Lídia Cruz, Leiria
2004 - Presentation of paintings from her private collection, Culture National Center
2006 - Solo Exhibition "SIXTIES", Gallery 9ARTE, Lisbon
Contemporary Art Fair, Lisbon
2008 - Collective exhibition "Calligraphy", Telecommunications Foundation, Lisbon
2009 - Presentation of 'Gracinda Candeias - Anthological Exhibition 1992 to 2002' in the East Gallery Turret National Cordage, Lisbon
Presentation of the book "Anthology 1992-2002"
2010 - Painting Antological Exhibition, Tomar Museum
Solo Exhibition "AERIS", Ap'Arte Gallery, Porto
2011 - Solo Exhibition, Town hall Art Gallery, Barcelos
2012 - Exhibition "MUTABILIS", Portuguese Center of Serigraphy
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